We produce ourselves the meat we distribute, in our own factories and slaughterhouses.


Our range of products is the fruit of tradition and adaptation to the demands of good nutrition and food hygiene.


We select the finest Iberian and Duroc pigs and we work to the highest standards of quality to offer unbeatable products.

- Duroc -


- Iberian -

- Lamb, Beef and Suckling pig -

About us

At La Comercial, we have been dedicated to excellence in our meat products and processes since 1986. At our headquarters in Burgos, we select our Duroc pigs, demanding healthy and careful feeding from the breeders in order to guarantee the meat's texture and flavour. We then carry out the slaughter and singeing processes to protect the meat's properties and to preserve it for longer. We also produce beef and suckling lamb, the latter with the Las Merindades quality mark.

At El Almendro, we produce hams and sausages from Iberian pigs whose flavourful and healthy meat delights the palates of people around the world.

Our guiding principle is to offer an excellent-quality product, with the best taste and texture, and at competitive prices. Thirty years of experience attest to our success.